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SB TV... (soon to be LA TV)

is a new radical sports oriented television program which will show locally in Santa Barbara, during prime-time viewing. Our goal is to provide hip, funny, gnarly programming on the local networks with a raw video image. SB TV consists of the following format:

    VIEW QUICKTIME CLIPS: SBTV clip 1 and SB TV clip 2

Renegade Film Review:

This segment of the show will involve the reviewing of cutting edge of sports films. The shows director Alexis Usher has an international reputation as a radical filmmaker, as well as a strong local presence. Alexis has had 20 of his own extreme sports video's distributed in Western Europe, Australia and Japan.

SB's Music Movement:

Music plays a huge role in "viewing experience". Recently, Santa Barbara has been hailed as the new Seattle in the world of rock and roll (CNN, November 1996). We plan to keep up with the contemporary music scene with reviews and documentary style filming.

Fashion Prisoner:

Rated PG-14, a revealing glimpse of the most vogue of the vogue fashion prisoner will check on the local and international trends and what's "in" and what's "out&". Focusing on the hip and funky.

Couch Critics:

This is a free-style improvisational segment hosted by Alexis. Anything from the holes in Bill Clinton's socks to the mating of Yonnommmou tribe in South America.

Hot Tip:

A friendly word of advice for the wise prospector.

Advertising Rates
30 second commercial $300.00
15 second commercial $300.00
Production costs $250.00


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