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In A World Gone Mad Cover

Got Surf? III
[ See the Trailer...]

Stormproof Films has just released their latest surf video, "Got Surf? III." This well rounded movie takes you around the globe following the sun to: Tahiti, California, Spain, France and Hawaii, along with an incredible soundtrack make this the video so great.

"Tahiti" – highlighting Kelly Slater at some of the best Tahitian footage ever. Where the top professional surfers and one the biggest south swells to ever hit, come together for some of the best free surfing in history!. "California" plus highlights of the "Trestles" World contest event held in. "Hawaii" Where we take you free surfing and feature "The masters of pipe". We go to France and Spain for again a world tour event. Showing the world famous beach breaks in France. Then to Spain's "mundaka" the world famous left hand wave, for the finals. Also featuring Sunny Garcia’s blistering his way to his 1st world title.

Featuring: Bruce Irons, Kelly Slater, Mark Occhilupo, Kalani Robb, Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, Shane Dorian, Daniel Willis, Andy Irons, Jake Paterson, and more

Music By: Upbeats, Dino Herrmann, Snuff, Swingin Utters, Less Then Jake, Face To Face, and more.....

Price: $26.95