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In A World Gone Mad Cover

N.W. Surfclips
[ See the trailer...]

"NW Surf " From the filmmaker that brought you Got surf " Got surf two "and surf 365". Comes a surfing documentary film covering the North West Hemisphere that features the best surfers in the world to date!.

See the world's first portable wave machine, Wave LOCH The world's top surfers, snow boarders, skim boarders and skateboards are featured here showcasing their skills, including Rob Machado, Conan Hayes, Tony Hawk, Christian Fletcher, Bill Bryan and many more. The mobile wave contains over 500,000 liters of water, weighs over 750 tons, and requires 17 tractor-trailers to move.

See highlights from the "Nothing but three" Event. And watch Dean randazzo Win the the newest concept in contest surfing!!!

Step on the base for some non stop action on tour, at Trestles Beach to watch some red hot surfing, in san clemente ca, Also featuring The 3rd Air Show series for the latest aerial competition,

Then we drive up the northern coast to "Rincon" for a ride with Joe curren, Chris drummy, and Keoni Cucci to watch modern day surfing at one the the best surfing breaks in all the world, "the queen of the coast"

Riding further up the coast to see this years Highlights, at the Cold water Classic in Santa cruz Ca, Also featuring The 2nd stop Air Show series for the latest aerial competition, Surfers pushing the limits!

Finally off to Hawaii north shore of "Oahu's" to analyze all the futuristic move's while the worlds top pro's Free surf there brains out!!!

Price: $26.95