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In A World Gone Mad Cover

In A World Gone Mad
[ See the Trailer...]

"W.G.M." (In A World Gone Mad) - Legendary, award-winning filmmaker, Alexis Usher unleashes his most epic surf film, to date, in his latest film In A World Gone Mad...

This documentary presents the world's best surfers in a compelling athletic display of BIG airs, tubes, gouges, gags and features candid, off the cuff, interviews as they express outspoken opinions about the war in Iraq and the events of 9/11/2001. From California’s “Queen of the Coast” El Rincon, to Europe’s largest pro-surfing event located in Northern Spain. We travel up the coast for some sizzling free surfing in France to catch a beautiful 6-8 ft swell at one of Frances premier beach breaks. Usher also includes shots from Hawaii's latest scene, and reveals tons of other dazzling footage. Shot in brilliant DV. W.G.M. is sure to be another Alexis Usher classic.

California - Showcases the golden state’s hottest rippers, such as Tim Curran, shredding their local home breaks. Highlights this year’s SMAS Air Show Series at Trestles and Newport Beach. See Dane Reynolds take surfing to a new level at El Rincon’s "Queen of the Coast".

Hawaii's- red-hot international shredders test their skills in Hawaiian waters in both big and small surf.

France – Oh la la- Check out all the top international pro surfers, free surfing. Plus all the Wine, Women and Waves you can consume. Featuring premier French beach breaks: BUNKERS.

Spain - Europe's best Left Hander "Mundaka". Goes off the richter scale, with jaw dropping barrel rides.

Starring: Andy Irons, Taj Barrow, Taylor Knox, Shane Dorian , Shane Powell, Kelly Slater, Beau Emerton, and Russel Winter.

Featured Music: NO MOTIV, How we Rock, Roger Miret and the Disasters, Beat Steaks, Junior Kimbrough, TSOL, No use for a Name, and more... RELEASED September 11th 2003

Price: $29.95